Anybody know where to find British Army documents that are not in the National Archives?
A patron (brigadier general, no less) is looking for a report and I came up blank. Anybody know anyone in the army? I hate not to have results to show. :-(

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Rip! Tear! Kill!
And I missed the sign-up for the sshg exchange.
Just great.
Oh, and another random fact I don't believe I mentioned:

I've shown my apartment here to a gal at work who's just come to the base and is looking for a flat. When she entered my bedroom and saw the two Labyrinth posters, she had to laugh, and said that was one of her favorite movies.
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Since a number of US newspapers have refused to republish the latest Doonesbury cartoon strip which highlights the way Republicans are attempting to undermine a woman's right to choose, I feel it's important to make sure the message still gets across.

The shaming room awaits.

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(Note, I'm x-posting this from DW after copy-pasting the code from LJ once I hit the "post to your journal" button. Might as well boost the signal x3 if I'm going to do it at all. I'm not sure, though, how the "post to your journal" link will work from DW or IJ. If you try it, let me know, and I'll update so others will be aware. And the verdict is that the button code is too LJ-specific and doesn't even show up on DW or IJ. Sorry.)
Thanks for the Valentines! Wheee! Makes my user info look all pretty.

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Clark can stand up today and is feeling much better.. Also the Humane Society is investigating pressing charges against the people who did this to him. I didn't realize this but the animal cruelty cops aren't funded by the state, but by donations. You can help stick it to Clarks former "owners" by going to PSPCA.ORG and donating for "humane law enforcement".

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*cackles madly*


This message brought to you by the ss/hg exchange.
Oh, and I have a story I wanted to send in as a gift for the exchange members, but it's not finished yet, despite the fact that it's 67 pages long. So I don't think I'd get it done before the exchange ends, and I am not sure the mods wouldn't kill me for inflicting such a monster on them to post. *sigh*
I'm dead tired so I can't read right away, but my gift at the ss/hg exchange has been posted for my delectation on the weekend, and I'm jumping up and down over the rating and the warning and the prompt chosen by the mystery author.
It feels like the evening before my birthday, with wrapped presents waiting for me...

New year

Jan. 7th, 2011 09:50 am
Happy new year, everyone!
Okay, it's a week old, but that's still fairly new.

Copy and Paste if you have enjoyed the blessing of meeting people online that you never would have met any other way. This is my end of the year shout out to the many "friends" I have never been in the same room with but who have inspired, amused, comforted, encouraged, and touched me in so many ways. I love you people! Here's to another year together!!

Thanks everyone for still being there even when I drop off the face of the earth for months.

Thank you for sending Christmas cards. And apologies that there were none from me. I didn't feel very Christmas-y most of the time.

In 2010, I read 239 books and listened to two audio books.
123 of those books were in English and 4 in French.
65 of them were non-fiction.
28 were re-reads.

I might post a complete list, but as I write the list by hand throughout the year, that would involve a lot of typing, I'm not sure I'm going to feel up to that.

I would have a hard time mentioning anything that I did in 2010 that left a huge impression on me. The year seems to have rushed by without much participation on my part.
A friend of a friend is looking for her 16-year-old daughter who ran away two days ago.

Starting point was Illinois, but I suppose she could be anywhere now...

Maybe one of you guys happens to see her, I thought I'd spread the word.
I remember my Mum when my sister ran away, I wouldn't wish that kind of thing on my worst enemy.
mentioned a book he really liked.
I've looked it up: Jackie Collins: Chances

I have to say I find that amusing. In a grinning happily way.
I just learnt today that two good friends of mine lost their girl friends of eight and six years, respectively, while they were getting shot at in Afghanistan.

And it makes me damn sick to keep hearing those stories.


Sep. 2nd, 2010 06:32 am
I stepped on a number of toes, apparently.
Got defriended.

You know what? I might not like the fact, but I can live with it. I will not come grovelling because I lost a friend. I did that for far too long in my life, changing my opinion or trying to not say anything that could offend anybody in case then they wouldn't talk to me anymore.
My gift at the exchange has been posted (well, it was posted ages ago, but I finally read it, too).
I'm sure it's what kept me sane at work.

And it blows my mind.

Go, Go read, all of you.


Jul. 18th, 2010 10:30 am
I had three posts on my flist today of people talking about having been to the hairdresser.
Three posts. All in a row.

And I really need to go get a haircut, but don't have time.

I came up with an idea yesterday of something that would fit into the SS/HG I'm writing. Except that the way it came to my mind it required Hermione's POV, and so far I'm sticking to Severus'. So I was about the shelve the idea, but then I realised I could very easily - well, not very easily but doable - change it to work from Severus' POV as well. Actually, it might be even better, because it means I will have to work harder to make Hermione's feelings clear as Severus perceives them. Given that the situation is complicated, that is going to be a challenge. *iz mysterious*

What I originally thought would be the centre point of the story is going to be solved soon, I believe, but it looks as if the problems for them are just beginning. *plots*

I'm also reading Douglas Adams and find I don't like him as much as I used to. Meh.


Jul. 17th, 2010 06:46 pm
After reading the gift [ profile] inspired_ideas got for the exchange here, I'm thinking I should get an OT3 icon.
And a cold shower.

Maybe not in that order.


Jul. 12th, 2010 07:37 pm
It's still too damn hot, but it's thundering on and off and there have been a few raindrops (three maybe over the course of this afternoon?), and it seems we might get below 30 tomorrow.

Also, I did very little work today and spend quite a bit of time writing SS/HG. I'm trying very hard not to jump ahead in the story. I know if I do that, I'll never go back to fill in the holes.

I also finally managed to pick up my climbing gear and get in touch with the person who'll tell me how to use it. So I won't end up like that idiot kid on the news today who went paragliding and forgot to close the leg straps, ending up hanging only by his arms for 15 minutes before he fell and killed himself. Nineteen. It's a pity, but also a good candidate for a Darwin Award, really. I'm just sorry for his family.

The thunderstorm is coming up again, so I should probably not be online. On the other hand, I don't really care actually. But there is rain. *happy sigh* Now this sounds like a good summer thunderstorm. Finally!
It's Sunday and I have time, yet I have read all exchange stories - including one from the last round that was still on my to-read list.
And now I still have time, but I don't want to go over to TPP and start (or rather, get back into) a longer story there, because from tomorrow on I will have very little time and will just barely manage to keep up with the exchange.

And I have ordered those Eloisa James books I was still missing, and I have finally caved in and ordered the Patricia Veryans I was still missing from the Jewelled Men series (and no, we're not talking about family jewels).
But neither will arrive before Tuesday, at the earliest. Which is good, given the exchange, but bad, given that I feel like reading something smoochy right now.

Oh well, Joachim Bauer and the mirror neurons will have to do, though there's very little that's smoochy in there.

Also, looking at my icon, I realise there hasn't been a threesome yet. But then again, we only just started, after all.

Aaand I realised I'm not sure I would recognize my own story when it's posted. I couldn't tell you without looking it up what I actually wrote. Denial?



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