I watched The Mummy Returns yesterday.

It is wrong to think that the mummy is teh hawt? At least once he's got his flesh and skin back.

Honestly, even when I watched the first movie I thought that it was just Arnold Vosloo and Oded Fehr that made it worth while in the eye candy part. And John Hannah because he's funny and kinda cute and even though I watched the movies in German just knowing he has that amazing accent makes it nice to see him.

Brendan Fraser - How could a man with a face like that be considered sexy? He looks dumb all the time!
So yeah, it's Arnold Vosloo, definitely. Though he did lose in my esteem a little in the end because of this whole dying because his girlfriend doesn't want to save him thing. But once said girlfriend was killed by the bugs - yeah!
Imhotep's bugs again - see you in part III!


In other news, there was a bit of cool accent on the radio this morning when they aired a snipped of a speech of the head of Sinn Fein. Okay, so it's harder to understand than what I usually hear, but it sounds so fantastic!

What is it with me an accents, anyway?

Though, more seriously, and not about the accent as the content of the speech - conflicts like this in Northern Ireland usually sound absolutely silly for those who don't take part in it.
You just sit there and read or hear about it and go "And that's what you kill each other for? You gotta be kidding!"
We talked about the conflict in Northern Ireland in school, the historical side of it. And ever since then, when I hear of the Orangemen marching through some Catholic neighbourhood, I can't help thinking that it's totally childish.
You're celebrating a victory that was how long ago? And you go through these streets to brag about it?? Please!! How old are you, five?
Not that the Catholic side has been acting very much grown-up, either.

We'll see what happens next.

Though IIRC, Sinn Fein only represents a part of the IRA - didn't a group split of a few years ago because they didn't want to accept the ceasefire?
I watched Sleepy Hollow on Sunday - finally.

Some of you know that anything remotely horror movie type is absolutely not my thing (even though you try to convert me... *cough[livejournal.com profile] wolflady26cough*), and quite honestly this was a close thing.

If the horseman had not been Christopher Walken, it might have been worse. But - I don't know, I just like Christopher Walken, even with odd pointy teeth. Pity he ran around without his head for most of the movie. Though that is actually quite practical, for it means Christopher Walken was in the movie for only about ten minutes, all the rest probably was done by some stuntman. After all, without the head, it's quite irrelevant who's riding that horse.)

Christina Ricci was really good, too. Just like Ichabod Crane, I wasn't absolutely sure she wasn't the one controlling the horseman, though I did bet on her stepmother at a quite early stage.

Johnny Depp was great. I liked how despite all his science and technology, he still remained a rather shy man who looked like he'd rather have puked than investigated the murders. Him fainting after all was done fit perfectly.

All in all, good one.
I think I might buy it if I see it somewhere at a good price. (As I don't usually watch specials, making of and the like, all I need is for the DVD to have the English version. Once I started watching OVs rather than the dubbed German versions, it seems I can't stop...)

Oh, and I have a special treat in store for me for next weekend: I received a book on CD a few days ago, a book by a certain Nina Merrill.
That made me happy. :-)



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