I'm so stupid.

[livejournal.com profile] wolflady26 had invited me to her place for the weekend, and we had arranged everything, but then silly me noticed it's the book fair in Leipzig that weekend, where I really should be.

So I had to overthrow everybody's schedule.
I hate that.
I have like 3 calendars, I should probably start using them. :-(

In other news - the ride down here was a bit tricky because of road conditions being simply horrible in Thuringia (I passed three accidents, Tobias later told me he had counted 16 on maybe 100 kilometres - lucky me for leaving early...), but the new car is terrific.
And it looks cool, too, despite being red.

I think I'll call it Gan, short for Ganymede. A car is always male for me. And yes, I know it's weird to name a car.

Workwise, the layout woman is driving me crazy. She's behind schedule and tells me there's no way she'll finish by the end of March, but that doesn't keep her from going on vacation for a week.
Also, they will be without computers for a week in April, and she complained about that saying it should have been done in August, when it's quiet. But she takes another vacation in May, when it's nowhere near quiet.

The captain was not happy about the vacation thing. I hope he stops it, but then she'll probably sulk and not do a thing anyway.

Anyway, it looks like I might finish my main part this week. Phew. We just calculated I've been working on this pretty much since last February or March, so I haven't been doing my real work much for over a year. Crazy.
Work: stuck in 2001 - apparently, the digital pictures we had of this time were deleted. Some of them are stored in the CDs with the 2002 pictures, which means going through six CDs of pictures with names as DSCN000435 to find some that were made in 2001. (Did you expect there would be a list of events for the pictures or anything????)

Laptop: not going to be here for the next four weeks as my coworker is doing a course and isn't here. But I am going to get the latest model of that laptop for the same price!

Car: I sent the money for the Carisma. The Lancer didn't want to play very well on Saturday. Going to take it on a tour today so it won't get bored, then it'll hopefully bring me home Friday.

Social life: Tobias is annoyed at me not going out with him. I went with Alexandra (she's the French and Spanish translator for the school) to watch the Geisha movie on Saturday and then we sat up at her place until 4 or so and talked. It seems I can't stop myself from telling the rape story to all kinds of people.
Also, I am working on my cross-stitch picture a lot, which is not a social activity.
Alexandra knows Labyrinth. She therefore is the only German I know who knew of that movie without me telling them.

Health: having a bit of a cold and an annoying headache for days. And the blood pressure is not really on a good working level, but then it never is.

Weather: today mixture of snow and sun. Supposed to start snowing again tomorrow and rain Thursday and Friday. This is going to suck, car-wise.

Friday is my birthday.


Feb. 28th, 2006 05:03 pm
My roses are gone, there's only chocolate left from Valentine's Day. :-(

Driving down to Hammelburg this morning (I only had to be at work at 1 p.m.), the Lancer did alright for about three hours. The last half hour was annoying. This car sucks!
I can't wait for the tenth, the Carisma can't possibly be any worse!
Though of course it's my own fault, I neglected the Lancer and was mean to him over the weekend because I was concerned too much about buying a new car. Cars, just like computers, have souls, and they are easily hurt.

My left eye hurts.

Tonight, I'm going to go watch Nanny McPhee with Katrin.

Tobias (aka Jacket Guy, aka the guy with the kid and girlfriend) texted me yesterday night to tell me his girlfriend gave him absolution for future sins.
Just great, just when things were simply and easy for a change. Now I have to go back deciding whether I want or don't want to let our relation progress into whatever direction this might be going to. Part of me wonders whether I'd miss something if I didn't go for it, but mainly - he has somewhat lost the attraction to me. He's still a nice guy and all that, but the spark is missing.

And another guy I've been jokingly flirting with - in that way that tends to be the regular tone in conversations between males and females around here - has just split up with his girlfriend and I know that some of my coworkers would think it a good idea if we got together. But even though he's a nice kid, he's a bit younger and as stuck up as this may sound, no real intellectual match for me.
I just hope the coworkers will keep from commenting too much.

So there you have it, the Queen of Randomness has spoken.


Feb. 23rd, 2006 05:15 pm
I had posted something yesterday, or at least thought I did. I didn't check, so didn't notice until today it was only saved as a draft, not actually posted.
I guess I am spending way too much time doing brainless stuff on the computer.

The weekend was nice. On the trip with the choir we got into a heavy rain, but apart from that it was more fun than I had expected, despite me being about fifteen years younger than the next youngest participant.
And I won two bottles of wine. Great thing for somebody who doesn't drink alcohol. My parents will be happy, I suppose.

Then Sunday I got to meet [livejournal.com profile] linnapaw and show her all around W├╝rzburg. She was very nice keeping up with me walking miles and miles (leading her the wrong way, too) and jumping from recent history to mythology to whatever all the time. Monday we spent on the base and I got to show her where I work.
The best was to have somebody to really talk about all kinds of things, to go from Narnia and Harry Potter to religion and history and back all in one evening.
I'll definitely miss not having her on the same continent anymore.

Surprisingly, or maybe not, my car worked all weekend and also yesterday when I went to Schweinfurt for the main purpose of not letting it stand around for too long. I have hopes for tomorrow.
A coworker offered to sell me his car, a 2000 Fiat Punto, for 5000 Euros, which is pretty much the maximum of what I can spend on a new car. He wants the new model and will sell his as soon as the new one's out, which will be sometime around April. It's in good shape and everything, though probably not my favorite company or model.
I was pretty much decided to talk my Dad into letting me buy it and only drive the Lancer until then.
But then I wrote an email to my Mom and she's against it. Meaning I'd not face the opposition of one but both of my parents. Even if it is my own money, this is a bit too much for me to want to deal with right now. The thing is, my Mom thinks the Punto is too small and therefore not safe enough (can it possibly be more unsafe than a car without airbags, without ABS, but the tendency to switch off the engine while you're driving?) and my Dad doesn't like Fiat at all. It does have a bad reputation for needing a lot of repairs, but this particular car has not needed anything but the required changes of parts in the last six years.

So it looks as if I am back at point zero. My parents apparently want me to drive this car until it breaks down completely. We'll see when and where that is, I just hope it's not going 130 km/h on the Autobahn...

Anyway. I started this post at eight o'clock this morning and it's now past 5. I just came back from the goodbye party of a coworker and need to get ready for going to the theatre in Meiningen tonight. Katrin asked me to come with her because she didn't want to go alone. But she drank several glasses of wine and some liquor this afternoon at the party, so I think I'll ask her to let me drive (her car though, she doesn't want to try going in mine), just to be safe. I hate driving cars I don't know, but I guess I'll have to do that if I want to buy a new one anyway, so whatever.

Gotta go and put on some nice clothes. See you guys.


Feb. 17th, 2006 08:38 pm
Well. So yesterday I went shopping by car. Drove back up to the base and the car was acting up a bit again. Oh well, nothing out of the ordinary. So I unpacked at my home and then wanted to drive to my parking space. Unfortunately, as I was going round a corner, the engine died. So I was sitting right there in the middle of the road (fortunately, a little used road on the base), and couldn't go anywhere. Waited a few minutes, then started again and made it at least off the road.
Went to choir and to the last get-together of the infantry bataillon here before they're going to be disbanded (voc?).
Then the car did start again and I could drive to my parking space without problem. Today I took the car to Schweinfurt to a Mitsubishi dealer and told them what the problem was. And lo and behold, finally somebody at least knows what I am talking about. The guy said his father had had the same problem, and it was the distributor (could that be right? He showed me, it's the thing right next to the oil tank thingie. Yuck, I have so absolutely no idea about engines...)
Anyway, they can't test whether it's damaged there, they'd have to send it in which would take about a week to get back, and if it does get repaired, it'll be 250 Euros.
Yeah, sure.
So the plan is the following: I will drive this car this week and next (sorry, [livejournal.com profile] linnapaw, we'll just have to hope for the best on Sunday and Monday), drive home with it and there it will STAY.
I'll sell it, I'm sick of it. I don't care whether Dad wants me to keep it until the next inspection is due. I am going to get myself a decent used car, which I can afford right now, and I currently have more money available than this car did cost when we bought it.
And then I will finally have a car again that is reliable. High time, too. The guys at Mitsubishi said I could either go for the repair work or drive the car as long as it'll go. So it isn't as if it's something life threatening, just really annoying. So I am pretty sure I will make it through another 10 days, and then we're done.
Funny how things suddenly work out.

In other news, Marco has been visiting. The guy I met way back when I started here and with whom I'd watch CSI every Monday night until he left the army last summer. Was nice to see him again.

stuff I noticed about myself )

[livejournal.com profile] wolflady26, I owe you an email. But there's been so much going on I simply had no time to really muster the concentration. I think you got a great idea there, we'll just have to decide on a weekend. And I might come by train... :-/
Third post today - would that be a good place for actual information?
Maybe. But then again, I am bound to ramble which will fill large parts of your flist window without actually transporting any useful facts.

It is Monday.
On Friday, I went up into the general direction of home, but not home. My deceased aunt's husband celebrated his birthday and as contact is very scarce since my aunt's death, my Mom had called me beforehand and had asked me to go visit and meet my parents there.
So I went up a different route than normally. It's a new Autobahn, which is nice as it sees little traffic and is in good condition - except for the rain and snow.
Of course, this was too many good things at once (after all, there was at least one good thing in there that was not yet balanced by something bad - the expectation of good company and a nice piece of cake), so this couldn't last. And indeed, it didn't.
My car started acting up yet again. I suppose it was due to the wet, cold weather and the fact that I hadn't used it in about a week.
And I got lost on the tiny roads around my uncle's place. After a while I decided to just ignore the print-out I had made from the internet that supposedly would have told me where to go, except that it told me to go through towns I could not find on any sign, and go towards the nearest larger town. When I felt I had a pretty good idea of how to find my current place on a map, I dug out my atlas and navigated myself to where I needed to go. Supposedly, women are unable to read a map. Well, I found my way just fine when I decided to use a map rather than the route planner.
more about the car and the ride up )

Today I found out civilian guests are not supposed to stay overnight unless they get a special card instead of the usual form they need to fill out. So I discussed that with the responsible officer who happens to be somebody I know quite well as he is one of the captains of the "inner circle" - school history-wise. And he was very happy I didn't call him because of that, too. *g*
So, [livejournal.com profile] linnapaw, it should be no problem to get you in here. It might be they won't even ask you for an ID, anyway. Or they might accept you as a member of an allied armed force. We'll see. If all else fails I have to get one of those of my soldier friends whose rank allows him to take people on post if they chose to do so without requiring those guests to have any ID.

There is more of the school history done as well. It seems as if the end is near. The end of - something, at least. We will see.

I need to write [livejournal.com profile] tuva. She's been gone way too long without a note from her.

Now I'm hungry, time to go home.


Jul. 30th, 2004 10:16 pm
I'm going crazy. I've been through so many emotions today, changing so quickly, that I just have to be crazy by now.
I started out to take my Australian friend and her mother on a tour around my hometown. I learned some things myself on the way, so that was really nice. We had a lot of fun, we took pictures, we joked around. I was happy.
Then we came home, and I started to feel that I didn't have eough sleep last night. See, my friend stayed in my room and we hadn't seen each other for some months. Need I say more? I met her mom for the first time, though, and that was an interesting experience. E., my friend, has been living in Germany for 2 years now, but her mom just came for a ten day visit right from Western Australia. So that was my first contact with Australians, and with Australian English. IT wasn't as bad as I had feared from things I had heard. I had no problem understanding S. We also got along really well, which was good.
Anyway, when we went out for lunch I was really tired, hardly could keep my eyes open. But in the afternoon we had planned on doing some more sightseeing more "in the country". We did, I managed to stay awake, and after a while I wasn't even tired anymore. There were so many things going on, and we talked about all kinds of stuff, it was so interesting. Then E. discovered this summer sleighing track. It's actually more of a rollercoaster type of thing, but you can control your speed and it goes right through the woods. So we went up there. I like rollercoasters. I'm not afraid of heights. But I just didn't like the construction of this thing. I went pretty slow, and didn't enjoy the trip much. (Also because I'm in kind of a bad shape right now, I keep having this pain in my chest that's driving me crazy because I don't know whether it's anything serious or not.) I've decided to ride it again and go a little faster. We'll see.
We just got home in time to pack their stuff and get going, because they had to get their train. Halfway into town, my brother-in-law called me, because he had found somebody's glasses in the bathroom. It were E.'s, so we went back to get them. My folks were worried that we might miss the train, but it worked out alright. So I had to say goodbye to them, which was kind of sad. They only had a day to stay with us, and that just isn't enough.
So I went back home. My fanily had left to visit some friends, and me and my younger brother were alone. Then suddenly the power failed, and I had several tenants complain to me abou that. What am I supposed to do, just magically get a generator out of the air and set it up?
That made me angry and upset, because I also felt stupid for not knowing what to do. It might have been a problem with our circuits. It turned out it wasn't, luckily. And the power did come back eventually.
When my folks came back a minute ago, my sister came in here looking at what I'm doing. I hate that!! You're just not reading somebody else's emails or writings if they don't ask you to. It's none of her business what I'm doing at the computer. I told her, which made her angry at me. She'll sulk all evening, but who cares, really. She's grown-up enought to know these things.
I'm going to take the young couple to Berlin tomorrow. Will be fun. I hate driving in places I don't know my way around. They both don't drive, and getting directions from pedestrians is terrible. But I'll get to see the Chagall exhibit, so that's nice.
My car needs an inspection, though. I'm overdue with that, but didn't have time this week. There are some strange noises coming from the passenger's side that might be indicating a problem with the brakes. Doesn't that sound great? At the last inspection, they told me I'd need to get about 800 Euros worth of work done to the car, which I didn't have. And my father (it's his car, actually) said it wasn't worth it, because who knows how long we're going to keep that thing anyway. So I suppose I'll have to get some part of this work done this time, if I want to drive remotely safely. But I'm not going to find out this week anymore. I just hope I don't break down on the highway. Yes, one of the famed German Autobahn where you're allowed to go as fast as you want to. I'll have to apply my secret trick to get rid of strange noises: turn up the volume on the radio.
Let's hope I'm still alive on Saturday evening...



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