Recipe I snatched from the British Weightwatchers site - for [ profile] faerishimmer and anybody else who's interested...

5 sprays low-fat cooking spray
200 g Sainsbury's Porridge Oats
100g sultanas
100 g dates (raw, without stone)
50 g linseed
50 g pumpkin seeds or sunflower seeds
50 g hazelnuts, roughly chopped
50 g almonds, roughly chopped
75 g muscavado sugar, light
1 small can evaporated milk, 170 g
1 teaspoon vanilla essence
3 medium eggs, beaten

Preheat the oven to Gas Mark 4/180°C/fan oven 160°C. Spray a 20 cm (8 inch) square baking tin with low fat cooking spray. Line with non-stick baking parchment.

Mix together the porridge oats, sultanas, dates, linseeds, pumpkin or sunflower seeds, hazelnuts and almonds. Stir in the sugar.

Beat the evaporated milk, vanilla extract and eggs together. Stir into the dry ingredients, then pour into the prepared tin and level the surface.

Bake for 20 - 25 minutes until set and golden. Cool in the tin for 20 minutes, then remove and trim the edges. Cut into 16 fingers. Store in an airtight tin or wrap and freeze in a rigid freezer box.

Just about everything of the dry ingredients, with the exception maybe of the oats, could very likely be replaced by something else, or you can add more stuff.
Raisins instead of sultanas or dates, brazil nuts instead of hazelnuts or almonds, dried cranberries, chopped dry fruit...

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Jun. 28th, 2006 04:39 pm
I have deleted several communities and some people of my flist.
This doesn't mean I hate the people in question or they annoy me or bore me or whatever.
It simply means I had to cut down a bit because I felt I couldn't be the sort of LJ friend I want to be.
I hope you will understand.

In other news, the school history is out for sale and the first complaints started to come in. Mostly it's from people who resent not being in the book.
Oh well. The commander said he likes it, and that means I've fulfilled the taks I was given, and that is all that counts. I expect that at some time, I will even stop the wry smile from appearing on my face whenever somebody mentions my predecessor as the author.

Two people have congratulated me on being a civil servant. I still don't have it in writing, so I am going to not feel too secure about it, but at least there is a chance it might turn out well.

In fencing lesson yesterday, Alexandra and I were allowed to actually fight against each other, using the electric equipment to count hits. She beat me, unfortunately. I am too competitive not to be a bit disappointed, even if I can claim that she already had about 18 months of fencing back when she was in university.
But it was a lot of fun. And I now have a large bruise on my thigh and I think I will have one on my stomach, too, because I remember that she hit me there really hard.
I did beat one of the kids, but as they are fighting with shorter foils, that is not much of a feat.

That is all.
Just a note to tell you guys I am not really online these days.
I'm in a weird mood that makes me want to receive lots of LJ comments daily even though I neither am a very good reader of the flist nor a very good writer of posts.
I am still alive and more or less kicking. After stopping myself much too shortly before a complete breakdown due to insane amounts of stress I put myself under, I am working on living again.

I also told Tobias that I am not going to have a relationship with a man who is otherwise committed. Yeah, maybe his honesty kicked him in the gut. But last week one of my friends basically asked me whether I knew Tobias had a family, so even if he had lied to me, I'd have found out sooner or later.

I learnt last week that Bernd, one of my good friends, is going to leave. And this right after I got a mail from Cathy that kinda made me sad, too.
That's the thing about army friends that really sucks: they are only there for a limited time.

Whatever. Going to have some lunch now. Walked to Hammelburg and back this morning as I noticed yesterday I need to do something about my figure. (Noticed that when I bought a blouse I do not need but which cost only 5 Euros and is really nice.)
For that same reason I bought wrist / ankle weights (1 kilogram each) to use when I work out in my room or the fitness center.
Promised myself to eat less, especially not eat late.
Though this does not keep me from eating the peanut butter I bought recently. (And I blame [ profile] wolflady26 for that!)

Steve Vai is an amazing guitar player.


Aug. 13th, 2004 11:25 pm
The Olympian torch is burning again. In former times, whole Hellas would have kept peace for the time of the Olympic games. To demand world peace while the torch is burning would be too much to ask. But watching the opening ceremonies gave me the idea that there might be hope yet.
202 teams were gathered there. I didn't say 202 nations, as there were some teams without an officially acknowledged state.
Palestine has an own team, as has Taiwan. (It's called Chinese Taipei, and they aren't allowed to use their flag an anthem, but they are still there.)
Corea, again, has come with only one team for both states. Hongkong still has an own team, which surprised me quite a bit.
Serbia and Montenegro were, for the first time, one team.
Apart from Greece, I think the most applause and standing ovations were given to Iraq, finally being allowed at the Olympic Games again.
It is also interesting to see all these small states. Have you ever heard of Nauru? Or Timor-Leste? Some teams had only one athlete, but several officials. Looks really interesting walking in.
The event was great. They had a lot of fireworks, starting with the 5 rings burning. They had the stadium filled with water for a while. The coreography was very interesting, bridging the antique Olympia to today and remembering what Greece gave to the world, from sciences to politics.
It was definitely worth watching. Even for people who don't care much about sports.
Today I took out my inline skates and went out for a little tour. It was a distance I would do several times a day a few years ago. Well, this time I was terribly exhausted when I came back. I guess I'm getting too old for that kind of activity.
PArt of the problem might have been my skates, though. These things are supposed to have 4 weels each, and the weels are supposed to turn. I do have four weels per skate, but on one, only three turn, and two on the other. The rest are kind of rusty and only move very little. Also, either my feet have grown or - more likely - I can't get my feet into the right position. I got a disgusting blister on one foot. I think the problem is that the weels are kind of used up at the inner sides, so I don't really stand up straight.
I fell once, too. Of course just at the moment when somebody was looking. And of course I didn't fall gracefully, but just flat on my backside.
I had my portable cassette player with me and that was a great distraction and cheered me up. I took the David Bowie cassette out of my car before I started out. I suppose my brother is hoping I'll forget to take it with me when I drive him tonight. I've been playing this one cassette forward and backward every time I drive my car and threatened to throw my brother out if he dares to touch the radio. So he's kind of fed up with the music. But there isn't really anything interesting on the radio these days, only talk, talk, talk. Maybe we can reach a compromise. Like, if he touches the radio I'll throw him out of the car but will be so nice as to drive his stuff to wherever he needs to be.
Being unwilling to listen to any other kind of music than what I want is a sign of old age, too, I suppose. I'm becoming quarrelsome. Maybe I should start playing bingo. Oh no, that won't work. Our Catholic churches don't offer bingo, and who else should? Shuffleboard might be an idea. Or maybe line dancing. That can actually be a lot of fun.
I wonder how much money I would get if I would retire right after finishing university. Probably as much as I will get when I retire after 40 years of work: nothing. But if I retire now, I won't have to support the statistical 2.5 seniors with the money I make.
Note to self: call the retirement home tomorrow and make an appointment to go and look at a few rooms they offer.
Of course, that is soccer, not American football. But as the line is from an English song, it says football.
Now, why do I write about soccer? It's not a game I like. 22 men running after one ball is a little stupid, and spending at least 90 minutes of your life watching that is downright crazy, in my opinion.
But you can't avoid soccer, at least you couldn't for the past weeks. European soccer championships - Europameisterschaft - is the word for what we experienced lately. And that was utter destruction. I don't remember Germany winning any match. It is only a slight reconcilation to know that all the other big, important teams didn't do much better. France, England - they all dropped out pretty early. We had Portugal and Greece in the finals, for heaven's sake. That is as if some weird Highschool Fottball Teams are playing the SuperBowl.
Greece is the new champion, sparking a new discussion in Germany. The German coach chose to retire after this non-performance of the German team. I think the problem is not the coach but the players, getting paid millions no matter how they play. Also, most German teams do have a lot of foreigners, so it is hard to find enough good players for a national team in the first place. Anyway, so Germayny hasn't got a coach right now. Started some kind of StarSearch for a new one. One candidate first said it was about time he was asked, as he was just the right candidate, but then he refused to do the job. I guess he thought about what it would mean to deal with these players. The other candidate is discussed wildly. He is right now coach in Istanbul, he had some trouble in Germany because of the cocaine they found with him - and the rest of cocaine in his hair proving that he had taken the stuff. So from the moral point of view, he doesn't look like a likely candidate either. But then there is Otto Rehagel - called Rehakles by the German mass media, supposed to remind people of Herakles. He is the coach of Greece. So the idea is, if he can make European champion out of Greece, he can make us world champion. Soccer World Championships are in 2006 - in Germany. Would be kind of nice if we would make it a little closer to the finals than this time. He has not said anything yet about whether he'll stick with Greece or might come back to Germany. In my humble opinion, only one thing can help Germany: give out German passports to all the people who play soccer in Germany. The guy who makes the goals for Greece is playing for Werder Bremen, a German team. The great French players are in German teams. Some soccer teams spend a lot of money on players, so they get the best and most expensive around the world. Unfortunately, they all stay citizens of their homecountries and therefore are not allowed to play for Germany in these international championships.
There was another reason why I chose that line from the song as subject today. Yesterday I came by one of the many pubs that set up TVs for guests to watch the soccer games. They had this line written in their window. Only they wrote comming, with double m. Everytime I see that, I want to go in and slap the face of whoever wrote that. English is the language everybody learns in school. And this is not a hard word to remember, is it? Maybe the misspelling is part of a general concept of making the German society more stupid han they already are.



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