I don't care if it's the sun, I want it off.

Well. I ended up not going to the doctor. Katrin had invited some people over for lunch at her new place and I got talked into going. She had made a really hot and spicy soup which helped my cold, though. But my eyes are still really sensitive to the light, which sucks.

When I came back from Katrin's it was really crazy up here for a while. People coming in to check out stuff like there's no tomorrow. (And let me just point out: The rooms in Katrin's new apartment can't be more than 2 metres high. I'm not tall, but I can effing touch the ceiling. How can you possibly live in a place where a tall person can't even walk through the door upright?)
And Maximilian came by and we chatted a bit and he now has my cell phone number and said we should really go out for a drink or something after work sometime. *bg*
Gosh, I'm horrible. Really. I mean, shouldn't I be - I don't know - sitting here waiting for Mr Right or go for some nice kid instead of a man who's quite a bit older? Well, as I can't even write about "some nice kid" without it making my toes curl in disgust, probably not. And I've done way enough waiting before I started working here and that just got me to the guy who didn't understand the meaning of the word NO.

At some point, I need to talk about M. Not Maximilian, another M. Lo and behold, I am getting almost discrete all of a sudden! That's because this M is American and that increases the chances of somebody knowing him. I met him when I was 17, but he's married now and has at least one kid. But he deserves his own entry, so that's gotta wait.

I think we got something like 6 bills today for the library. Gosh, we're spending money we don't even have yet!

Oh, and another thing: Current Location??? Do you think I am going to write "at work"?????
Today was an exceptionally quiet day. It was almost as it was when I started here, with full days when nobody would ever find his way up to the library. Today it was less than 10 people, I am sure.I did some stuff that came by mail, but mostly it was back to the school history.

I corrected the first layout draft of 2001 to 2003 and 2005. Doing that, I noticed we had forgotten an event in 2004. So after just having been working on 2004 yesterday, I had to again. It was just a few lines of text though, and some pictures, I hope it won't screw up the layout too much.

Then again my predecessor called for another correction. This time it was really minor and will not have any influence on things, but it is annoying anyway. He doesn't seem to be able to understand what a deadline is. But he isn't the only one, really. Betty, who does the layout, is really relaxed now that the end is near, without realising that there still is a lot to do and she'd better hurry. Or at least move a bit faster than her usual speed, which is about the speed of a snail with a broken hip.

I called Alexandra and said I wasn't fit for sports today. I do have a horribly sore throat and I suppose I am developing a cold, but honestly I would have been able to do some exercise had I pushed myself. Instead, I decided to do a bit more of the extra hours I need to build up my comfortable buffer of "I take a day off when I like to because I work way too much anyway".

This weekend, both Katrin and another coworker will move out of the apartments they shared with their long-time partners. The more I hear about Katrin's moving adventures, the more I wonder how she has survived to be 27. The one now is something like her fifth or sixth move in the past 9 years. All in pretty much the same town. She still hasn't sorted out the trouble with her last landlady. At the moment, she's having trouble with the current one and the mother of her ex-boyfriend. (I kid you not, this guy is over 40 but everything where money is concerned is handled by his mother.) She hasn't officially moved into the new apartment but is spending hours there cleaning what sounds like a horribly dirty kitchen. And when I told her to be sure to go through the apartment with her new landlord and make a list of all faults, she seemed very much surprised. Strange, we do that all the time with our tenants. It is the best way to give both parties a bit of security. The tenant can move out without being charged for repairs of damages he didn't cause, and the landlord can prove if a damage was caused while a certain tenant lived there.
Then there is the trouble with the money. In Germany, if you rent a place you have to pay two or three months worth of rent as "Kaution" on top of the regular rent. That way, if you leave without paying your rent at least the landlord has that, and if you leave damage behind the repair is paid out of that money. When Katrin and her ex rented that apartment together, both paid a part of the Kaution. Now Katrin moves out, but he doesn't. The easiest and cleanest way would have been if both had terminated the lease agreement and he had made a new one with the landlady. Unfortunately, only Katrin did that, so now the problem is that she still has two out of the three months of cancelation period. In this time, the landlady could theoretically ask the rent of her if the guy doesn't pay. And he could theoretically demand half of the money from her. Also, he refuses to give her back her part of the Kaution (is deposit the right word?), and she doesn't feel like argueing about it anymore. So there's about 600 Euros she loses in that, and then on top of that she's supposed to pay those last two months of half the rent.
To add to that, she leaves some of the furniture they bought together in the apartment, worth about 1000 Euros. Her ex-mother-in-law said she'd give her the money only after she's definitely moved out. Meaning if ex-MIL doesn't pay, Katrin will have no way to take some of the stuff.
We told her not to do it because it's just crazy, but I think she does it anyway.

If this is just a normal move for her (besides the breaking-up part) I don't wonder anymore that she's complaining about having no money.

The more I think about it, the more I am happy to have seen the other side of the story so much growing up. I know how landlords think, basically. And I have a pretty good idea of what they can and can't do. So hopefully, once I actually move into an apartment, I'll be better prepared for it.

I have been singing a lot of Bowie to myself lately.

Oh, and I rearranged my room. I got a shoerack and a TV stand from [livejournal.com profile] linnapaw and had to rearrange everything. Now I have one table sitting in a corner with a bookshelf on top of it. I need all the three bookshelves I have (though usually it's only one per person, meaning - as I have a twin room - I am supposed to have no more than two), but I don't use both tables. But I don't feel it is okay to simply throw one out or put it in an empty room like so many others do. After all, my room is a twin room, it is supposed to house two people and if I do get a roommate, she might want a table.
I need to take pictures of the new arrangement and post them. I like it, actually.

It's raining.



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