Monday morning we'll leave for Nijmegen, Tuesday at four o'clock we'll be on the road.

Frankly, I'm getting to be rather nervous about the whole thing. I just hope I'll manage. Four times 50 kilometres - I must have been crazy! If I do make it, I'll probably run (make that crawl) around with a stupid grin on my face and my medal stuck to my chest for weeks.

Homo what?

Jan. 31st, 2009 08:12 pm
First of all: Happy Birthday [ profile] morwennac!! You're the one who brought me to LJ - it's all your fault.

Secondly, I am at the moment not a homo sapiens sapiens if one characteristic for that species is walking upright.
Before nine this morning, after a fairly large breakfast, I set out to walk to Gem√ľnden and back. All in all, that was 53 kilometres. I took 9 hours and 30 minutes; of that I am very proud. Especially as part of the way the trail was covered in ice and I had to go cross-country to avoid slipping every five minutes.
Two weeks ago, I did a 6:30 hour-trip and was absolutely dead by hour 5, barely being able to move to get me home.
A knowledgeable friend suggested I drink more and be sure to eat enough carbs to have the energy I need.

This time, I drank about two litres during the trip (which meant bathroom breaks, but that can't be helped) and I ate lots more than last time.
And I was actually able to keep my speed until the end.

When I came home, I first vacuumed the floor in the hallway and down the stairs, because this morning when I left I had scattered dried dirt from the soles of my shoes all over the place.
Then I sat down to read up on LJ.
When I got up from the chair an hour later, I could not straighten. My legs refuse to even consider upright a feasible option. I had to put one hand on the ground to steady myself when undressing to take a shower.
I will be completely dead tomorrow.

But damn, I made it! I can walk 50 kilometres in one day. Now I need to slowly build up stamina to walk 200 km in four days...

Tell me again, why did I sign up for this?
Why did I think it was a good idea to challenge myself and find out if I can do this?

The group will have the first official training march on the 16th. I think it's only something like 15 or 20 kilometres. I expect to be slower than the rest; I've found I make three steps for an average man's two, and there is only so fast a pace you can reasonably set for yourself.
We'll see.



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