Apparently, I have reached the limit of what LJ considers a reasonable amount of reading older entries on the flist. I went up to 9th August, so I might have to read anything between me leaving on Augst 1st and that time on people's individual journals.

Thanks, LJ. *sigh*

I'm slowly, very slowly, adapting to the fact that I need to work again.

Today, I think I managed to be reasonably productive until around noon. Maybe I'll manage even longer tomorrow. The main problem is that the huge works are mostly done, what remains is little stuff that is more boring, has less visible results and is mostly rather tedious. And I just cannot find the energy to do it.

The coming weekend will be the family gathering of my mother's family. The good thing about them is that they don't pretend to love each other when they actually can't stand each other, they're honest and sarcastic. The annoying thing about this is that I don't really need my aunt telling me I'm never going to find a guy for me if I don't accept that with my looks and characters, I just can't raise my expectations too high.

As there seems to be the general feeling that keeping all options open is a good idea, I got an account at InsaneJournal in addition to the GreatestJournal account I've had for a while. So far, I'm no posting in either, though [ profile] shiv5468 recently posted something about how to post to multiple journals at once and I might consider. What's your opinion? Are you planning on abandoning LJ for greener pastures? And if you do, where do you go?
My user name is the same as it is here, so I'd be happy to have you guys friend me rather than me searching for hours to figure out who is where.

Interestingly, IJ actually speaks of itself as "LJ" at least once: when you go to the page where you can customize your journal, they say "LiveJournal provides two style systems that allow you varying control over how your journal is displayed" *g*

Last but not least, a very happy birthday to [ profile] correspondguy! I hope you have a great day today.

Now it's bedtime for me, I have to get up at five tomorrow after being able to sleep until 6:30ish the past two days.
A very happy birthday to [ profile] lucie_p. I'm sending good (and electronic-device-safe) thoughts your way.

I have 66 LJ friends.
I don't think I ever had 66 friends. Ever.
And when you take away those that are secondary journals of people who have more than one, the remaining number is still more than I ever had in RL.

I love me some internet.

Why did I just notice? Well, typing 66 usernames into GJ to find secondary journals is too much for my attention span. Especially as some of you guys seem to exist over there, I'm just not sure the people there are really you.

Sooooo, do you have an account over at Greatest Journal? One of those backup, LJ is down again, OMG I can't post, the world is falling apart journals?
I do, same username. I'd greatly appreciate it if you could friend me if you're over there too.
Just like a good boy scout. Be prepared.

My headache is better. Still, I'm going to go to bed soon. Maybe read a bit.

Which reminds me that I owe [ profile] wolflady26 a book review for Game of Thrones.

In short: You. Are. Evil.

In longer form: I need to read the next volume.
I liked it, I really did. I wasn't bending over backwards to get as much reading time as possible, and I do admit to once thinking the author likes to kill a character off if he's bored or doesn't know what else to do. But the story is intriguing, I admit it. And I want to know where it's going. The end of that first volume is a mean cliffhanger.
So yeah. I do care about some of the characters. It might not come as much of a surprise that both Arya and Danaerys intrigue me, as does Jon. Sansa makes me want to strangle her. Tyrion - very interesting, that one.
As is Varys. I simply adore shady politician characters with unknown motives. Littlefinger, on the other hand, hasn't yet managed to capture my interest too much. Danaerys' knight, Mormont, is another interesting quantity. Eddard needs to get rid of some of his righteousness, but he does have a cool wife. Who in turn has an obviously crazy sister.

Anyway, next time I come to visit, I want the next volume. I'll bring you another Auel instead, I think I didn't the last time.
Oh, and do you still have my Narnia books?
Happy birthday to [ profile] cleverusername2!

Hey, I really like that fancy LJ addon thingie for Firefox. Maybe that'll help me keep track of birthdays.

new icons

Aug. 13th, 2006 08:26 pm
After telling myself to STFU and at least try to act like a normal human being, I went and tried to find myself soem good PotC icons. This one *points* I believe is also used by Rilla. Sorry, but it was the only one I could find where Jack looks just the way I wanted him to.
I also got one with the Jar of Dirt, and I believe at least two others, and a House icon. *grin* Yay for 108 icons - I still have room for more.

In other news, reading a depressing Elizabeth George novel led me back to British crime stories, so I have started reading the Inspector Jury books again. Why are there no people like Richard Jury or Thomas Lynley or Melrose Plant around when I need them?

And [ profile] quietselkie sent me some music. Love it, thanks!

Does it appear like I am blabbing randomly? How come?

I need a notebook to write down stuff. I keep getting ideas for fic scenes when I am nowhere near a computer, and I keep losing all the little scraps of paper I use.


Jun. 28th, 2006 04:39 pm
I have deleted several communities and some people of my flist.
This doesn't mean I hate the people in question or they annoy me or bore me or whatever.
It simply means I had to cut down a bit because I felt I couldn't be the sort of LJ friend I want to be.
I hope you will understand.

In other news, the school history is out for sale and the first complaints started to come in. Mostly it's from people who resent not being in the book.
Oh well. The commander said he likes it, and that means I've fulfilled the taks I was given, and that is all that counts. I expect that at some time, I will even stop the wry smile from appearing on my face whenever somebody mentions my predecessor as the author.

Two people have congratulated me on being a civil servant. I still don't have it in writing, so I am going to not feel too secure about it, but at least there is a chance it might turn out well.

In fencing lesson yesterday, Alexandra and I were allowed to actually fight against each other, using the electric equipment to count hits. She beat me, unfortunately. I am too competitive not to be a bit disappointed, even if I can claim that she already had about 18 months of fencing back when she was in university.
But it was a lot of fun. And I now have a large bruise on my thigh and I think I will have one on my stomach, too, because I remember that she hit me there really hard.
I did beat one of the kids, but as they are fighting with shorter foils, that is not much of a feat.

That is all.


Apr. 16th, 2006 07:26 am
Happy Easter for those who celebrate! Happy long weekend for those who don't.

As I have been home since Thursda afternoon and most of my family is, too, I can't promise that there won't be murder by Monday. So to keep my mind a nicer turn, here's something I got from [ profile] sapphiretragedy. It will be a nice contrast to my sister constantly telling me my taste in clothing, music and everything else sucks and the whole idea of a guy wanting to go out with me is ridiculous or just due to the fact that I am the only female on the base.
My brother-in-law felt it necessary to point out to me that I shouldn't be angry at him laughing about my taste in music and books as he hasn't told me yet that I am fat like my older brother does.
Well, how come I am not thankful for that?
Anyway, give me some positive vibes, please!

Why am I on your friends list? Tell me how you found me and why you chose to read my LJ.

And put this in your LJ, too. Please.

I shouldn't be so self-centered, though. There are people on my flist who have real problems. You know who you are, guys, I'll keep you and the ones you love in my prayers. I am sure everything will turn out well. *hugs*
I had a wonderful weekend down at [ profile] wolflady26's.
On Saturday, she and I went shopping in Regensburg and she forced me to spend way too much money. (Sandra, I'm wearing the necklace with the pink stones right now and it's gorgeous)
We went to this beautiful town I had never heard of before which had a really nice castle ruin. And even though she had trouble walking because of an injured ankle, Sandra walked all the way up the tower and back down with us. (Maybe she thought if she let me walk up alone with her husband, one of us would come down the short way on the outside of the tower, not by the stairs... ;-D )
And they gave me a ton of CDs for my birthday, so as soon as I have my laptop I can watch Gilmore Girls and Ranma and then the next time I come down to visit and bring some CDs they'll copy some movies for me. Yay!

Also, they helped me broaden my horizon. They made me watch Army of Darkness which even a whimp like me could watch, even though I would probably not watch it again. And we watched several episodes of The 70s show and Corpse Bride, which was a really cool movie and made me curious about Nightmare before Christmas.
Sandra and I worked on our respective cross stitch projects and I managed to finish most of mine. Still got a bit to do, but the end is near.

And there is more: I read some more of the Sandman books while there and took a stack with me. Unfortunately, Sandra won't give me the last one until I've read the one she doesn't own, so I need to figure out where to get them from or I'll never figure out how the story ends. And then I am kind of worried to read volume 9 because maybe there will be a cliffhanger and then it might take ages until I finally find out how it ends. *sigh* Life is tough.

All in all, I had a great time. And we may be going on a long weekend trip to Venice at some point this spring, which would be marvellous.

At work today, I got stuck with the really boring stuff.
I had had some trouble chosing pictures for the year 2004 of the school history. There had been a huge event here, the 2nd European Infantry Seminar, and the only pictures I had easy access to were in a PowerPoint presentation. But the woman who does the layout said she could get them out and use them, not a problem. Well, of course it was a problem. So now I am sorting through 12 CDs of more or less unsorted pictures. (On each CD, they are sorted first by date and then by name of the photographer, for whatever reason. And several of them are either too dark or too light or completely black or not useable for some other reason - very annoying.)
I have found some of the ones I need, but still do have quite a way to go.
And to add to this, I had an email from my predecessor telling me which pictures to use for another article - without sending me the pictures. It turned out he had sent them to my boss, for whatever reason. And then I got a second email from him with some change he needs to be incorporated. Of course, the change is not in any year that is still being prepared for layout. It's in 1956. So then I get to talk to the layouter about what's feasible and then call my predecessor to figure out what to do, as the change he wanted is not doable in the way he wanted, it would screw up the layout for basically all 50 years.
Added to that is the fact that he happened to find some pictures he wanted to be included. In a spot where he's sure it won't affect the layout. No, of course not. How about we delete a few paragraphs in the way beginning and don't worry about that some pictures will not be on the same page as the related articles anymore.
The good thing about it is that it gives me something else than cataloguing to do in my extra hours, and I have used so much of those I need to blatanly work longer so that my boss will not get angry about me taking another long weekend on the 7th.

Mom needs me for taking care of the dog that weekend. She actually would have like me to be there both this coming Friday and the 7th, but I told her that for some reason, people happen to like to have me do the work they pay me for.
You would think we have a werewolf at home, not a friendly if a bit overactive puppy. It seems I am the only person on the planet who can take care of her when Mom's not home. And apparently, it is quite impossible for my Dad to stay home, so instead I have to take a day off from work, drive 360 kilometres after a full day of work on Thursday night and it might be I have to sleep on the couch in case the dog still needs to go out at night.
Don't get me wrong, I love the dog, but I do happen to have a life myself.

But there are good news, too. I have decided to become a better flist reader. Lately, there have been too many days when I just skimmed the pages and didn't bother to click on cuts, but that's over now - or so I hope. It might not leave me much time for commenting but at least I will know what's going on in you guys' lives.
So I know that there are new haircuts and new hair colors, new jobs and new friends and it seems many of you have a great time. Very good, continue!

Oh my, what an interesting entry. D2, welcome to my flist and I told you it wouldn't be much to read. Don't say I didn't warn you.


Feb. 28th, 2006 05:03 pm
My roses are gone, there's only chocolate left from Valentine's Day. :-(

Driving down to Hammelburg this morning (I only had to be at work at 1 p.m.), the Lancer did alright for about three hours. The last half hour was annoying. This car sucks!
I can't wait for the tenth, the Carisma can't possibly be any worse!
Though of course it's my own fault, I neglected the Lancer and was mean to him over the weekend because I was concerned too much about buying a new car. Cars, just like computers, have souls, and they are easily hurt.

My left eye hurts.

Tonight, I'm going to go watch Nanny McPhee with Katrin.

Tobias (aka Jacket Guy, aka the guy with the kid and girlfriend) texted me yesterday night to tell me his girlfriend gave him absolution for future sins.
Just great, just when things were simply and easy for a change. Now I have to go back deciding whether I want or don't want to let our relation progress into whatever direction this might be going to. Part of me wonders whether I'd miss something if I didn't go for it, but mainly - he has somewhat lost the attraction to me. He's still a nice guy and all that, but the spark is missing.

And another guy I've been jokingly flirting with - in that way that tends to be the regular tone in conversations between males and females around here - has just split up with his girlfriend and I know that some of my coworkers would think it a good idea if we got together. But even though he's a nice kid, he's a bit younger and as stuck up as this may sound, no real intellectual match for me.
I just hope the coworkers will keep from commenting too much.

So there you have it, the Queen of Randomness has spoken.
As I can't make fancy banners and post nice pictures:

Thank you all for being my friends. You are great, friendly, fun, creative and simply a wonderful bunch of people and I am very lucky to know you.

In other news, I have a horrible headache. And I am hungry. Time for dinner.

There is now a negative version of the Johari Window thing.

Mine's here
There are three roses on my user info page so far. *happydance*
Thank you very much, [ profile] ledivinemarquis!

Behind the cut: Open letter to my housemates
Read more... )
Third post today - would that be a good place for actual information?
Maybe. But then again, I am bound to ramble which will fill large parts of your flist window without actually transporting any useful facts.

It is Monday.
On Friday, I went up into the general direction of home, but not home. My deceased aunt's husband celebrated his birthday and as contact is very scarce since my aunt's death, my Mom had called me beforehand and had asked me to go visit and meet my parents there.
So I went up a different route than normally. It's a new Autobahn, which is nice as it sees little traffic and is in good condition - except for the rain and snow.
Of course, this was too many good things at once (after all, there was at least one good thing in there that was not yet balanced by something bad - the expectation of good company and a nice piece of cake), so this couldn't last. And indeed, it didn't.
My car started acting up yet again. I suppose it was due to the wet, cold weather and the fact that I hadn't used it in about a week.
And I got lost on the tiny roads around my uncle's place. After a while I decided to just ignore the print-out I had made from the internet that supposedly would have told me where to go, except that it told me to go through towns I could not find on any sign, and go towards the nearest larger town. When I felt I had a pretty good idea of how to find my current place on a map, I dug out my atlas and navigated myself to where I needed to go. Supposedly, women are unable to read a map. Well, I found my way just fine when I decided to use a map rather than the route planner.
more about the car and the ride up )

Today I found out civilian guests are not supposed to stay overnight unless they get a special card instead of the usual form they need to fill out. So I discussed that with the responsible officer who happens to be somebody I know quite well as he is one of the captains of the "inner circle" - school history-wise. And he was very happy I didn't call him because of that, too. *g*
So, [ profile] linnapaw, it should be no problem to get you in here. It might be they won't even ask you for an ID, anyway. Or they might accept you as a member of an allied armed force. We'll see. If all else fails I have to get one of those of my soldier friends whose rank allows him to take people on post if they chose to do so without requiring those guests to have any ID.

There is more of the school history done as well. It seems as if the end is near. The end of - something, at least. We will see.

I need to write [ profile] tuva. She's been gone way too long without a note from her.

Now I'm hungry, time to go home.


Feb. 13th, 2006 01:20 pm
I received an anonymous valentine gift!
There's a single red rose on my user info page.

Thank you very much, anonymous sender.

I love Valentine's Day!


Jan. 14th, 2006 06:42 pm
LJ somehow had cut off the last paragraph of this post.
Today is Friday the 13th. Are you supersticious?
[ profile] magsspiritwings has a great idea. Please support her and the Cranes for Peace project. Sounds like a great idea to me. And the story about the little girl in Hiroshima always moves me whenever I read it. There's even a song about her, but I can't remember. It was a more political song back in GDR...


Jul. 19th, 2004 08:24 am
OK guys, I absolutely hate weekends. Why? Because of you!
Nobody's around on weekends. No, that's not true. [ profile] wolflady26 and [ profile] correspondguy have been here, and gave me something to read and write comments and even answered to my comments, but that was it.
Now if I'm not at the computer for something like 8 hours, I want to come back to find my mailbox swamped with "reply to your comment" and "reply to your post" emails.And what happens? I logged on yesterday night and had no emails at all. Not even a teensy-weensy one. None.
I'm getting depressed here.
Now if I write something and you have anything to say to that, no matter what it is, please, say it. Give me the impression that I'm not simply addicted to my email account and LJ, but go there for a reason.

New icon!

Jun. 28th, 2004 01:58 pm
I got an icon as a present from disinterment. Check my user info to see it! Isn't that great?!



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