Aug. 31st, 2007 04:31 pm
I've been plotting in the library to get us some nice signs and stuff to help people find their way around. The sergeant is willing to have stuff made, it is just a matter to make him want what I want. I want a professional, sleek look, I want signs that are versatile and low-profile yet will catch the eye - and yes, I do know that this is almost a contradiction. I also want to make the library look more modern, friendlier and more practical.
A few days ago I almost squeed out loud: there were several people who were looking for books on specific topics. In that case, what I usually do if I can't just point them to the appropriate section of the library (because the topic they want is in several different places; for example, literature on Afghanistan is not only in the geography and history section but also in the missions / deployment section), I print out the title information and abstracts from the catalogue and let them browse through those to give them an idea. Now, one guy was rifling through his papers while I printed out stuff for the next, and then he wandered off. And returned with the stack of books he had wanted, because he had figured out all by himself where to find them. Which means the system works, even though so far we have little to no signs up. Yay!

I'm plotting with my Lumione / threesome, which seems to be getting somewhere, though I need to dispose of Bellatrix first before she gets around to dispose of my characters. There are some dark scenes coming which will be a bit tricky to write, but I know I'll find the words I want, I just know it.

I'm plotting what to do on the weekend. The weather is supposed to be bad, which sucks, but I still think I'll get to do something - the bike tour is still on the list.

I'm plotting for the exchange. I've read through some of the prompts given and there are a multitude of possible threesomes, there are great prompts all around and I'm really looking forward both to receiving one to write and to reading all the great stories that are going to pop up in January.



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