I got up at eight or some such ridiculous time this morning, and as I wasn't feeling like breakfast and it was raining too hard to do anything outside of the flat and I had to do it anyway, I cleaned.

Large portions of the more commonly used of my two desks, the one with the computer, are now visible again, for the first time in weeks. The table in my office that I use for jigsaw puzzles now has a tablecloth and an arrangement of salt drilling cores and pieces of salt I got at the salt mine we visited on Thursday, my crystals (solely a Labyrinth reference, I have no inclination to reading the future in them), two glass candleholders with white candles and a glass filled with the light grey stones they have in the hills around here and some snail-shells.
The windowsill of the office is occupied by a large vase filled with wildflowers (I did go jogging for a bit early in the afternoon and picked some flowers on the way back).
The kitchen is clean, as is the bathroom.
All rooms have been vacuumed, one load of laundry is drying on the balcony. (I have to wait for it to be dry completely, otherwise I won't have room for the next load.)

I finished another book that has been put on my return-to-owner stack and will tomorrow start with the next on my to-read stack. Probably that naked elf book I borrowed from [livejournal.com profile] lucie_p.

I had a surprise call from my Mom, usually we talk on Sundays. But I got a letter in the mail to their address - because my car is still registered up there and it was a ticket.
25 Euros because I didn't keep the required distance to the car in front of me. Oh well.

Tomorrow I need to do some ironing and mending. I haven't used the chair in my living room for probably months because I didn't feel like working my way through the stack of clothes I put on it. I don't have an ironing board and ironing on a regular table just doesn't work as well. I know, I know, women have been doing it for ages. So what, humans also lived in caves for ages, that doesn't mean I have to. The simple solution would of course be to buy an ironing board. I think I'll do that next weekend.

I'll be driving up to my parents on Wednesday night - making sure I keep my distance from other cars this time - and then we'll go to see the Met in Berlin on Thursday, and if we have enough time also the Angkor exhibit. If we don't make that, I'll probably have to go back later, I really would like to see it.

In August, after I come back from Scotland, there will be the family meeting in Kassel and the day after that I'll go to Trier with my parents because there's an exhibit on Emperor Constantine there.

And just last week I saw there is an exhibit about the Huns in Speyer, so that's another thing I would like to see.

No lack of culture in my future, I can see that even without a crystal.

I need to prepare for the release of DH. On my way up to my parents, I should be able to finish PS (thanks to audio books) and while there I can load the other books on my mp3 player and listen while I go shopping or walk the dog. I signed up for the translation again, so maybe I should read the German books while listening to the English ones so I get back into the vocabulary. (That "while" is not meant to indicate simultaneity. Even I am not that good at multitasking.)

Time for bed now. If I wake up on time tomorrow, I'll go to church. And if the weather is better than it was today, I'm going to meet Alexandra at the swimming pool in the afternoon.



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