Apparently, I have reached the limit of what LJ considers a reasonable amount of reading older entries on the flist. I went up to 9th August, so I might have to read anything between me leaving on Augst 1st and that time on people's individual journals.

Thanks, LJ. *sigh*

I'm slowly, very slowly, adapting to the fact that I need to work again.

Today, I think I managed to be reasonably productive until around noon. Maybe I'll manage even longer tomorrow. The main problem is that the huge works are mostly done, what remains is little stuff that is more boring, has less visible results and is mostly rather tedious. And I just cannot find the energy to do it.

The coming weekend will be the family gathering of my mother's family. The good thing about them is that they don't pretend to love each other when they actually can't stand each other, they're honest and sarcastic. The annoying thing about this is that I don't really need my aunt telling me I'm never going to find a guy for me if I don't accept that with my looks and characters, I just can't raise my expectations too high.

As there seems to be the general feeling that keeping all options open is a good idea, I got an account at InsaneJournal in addition to the GreatestJournal account I've had for a while. So far, I'm no posting in either, though [ profile] shiv5468 recently posted something about how to post to multiple journals at once and I might consider. What's your opinion? Are you planning on abandoning LJ for greener pastures? And if you do, where do you go?
My user name is the same as it is here, so I'd be happy to have you guys friend me rather than me searching for hours to figure out who is where.

Interestingly, IJ actually speaks of itself as "LJ" at least once: when you go to the page where you can customize your journal, they say "LiveJournal provides two style systems that allow you varying control over how your journal is displayed" *g*

Last but not least, a very happy birthday to [ profile] correspondguy! I hope you have a great day today.

Now it's bedtime for me, I have to get up at five tomorrow after being able to sleep until 6:30ish the past two days.
I'm so stupid.

[ profile] wolflady26 had invited me to her place for the weekend, and we had arranged everything, but then silly me noticed it's the book fair in Leipzig that weekend, where I really should be.

So I had to overthrow everybody's schedule.
I hate that.
I have like 3 calendars, I should probably start using them. :-(

In other news - the ride down here was a bit tricky because of road conditions being simply horrible in Thuringia (I passed three accidents, Tobias later told me he had counted 16 on maybe 100 kilometres - lucky me for leaving early...), but the new car is terrific.
And it looks cool, too, despite being red.

I think I'll call it Gan, short for Ganymede. A car is always male for me. And yes, I know it's weird to name a car.

Workwise, the layout woman is driving me crazy. She's behind schedule and tells me there's no way she'll finish by the end of March, but that doesn't keep her from going on vacation for a week.
Also, they will be without computers for a week in April, and she complained about that saying it should have been done in August, when it's quiet. But she takes another vacation in May, when it's nowhere near quiet.

The captain was not happy about the vacation thing. I hope he stops it, but then she'll probably sulk and not do a thing anyway.

Anyway, it looks like I might finish my main part this week. Phew. We just calculated I've been working on this pretty much since last February or March, so I haven't been doing my real work much for over a year. Crazy.
Work: stuck in 2001 - apparently, the digital pictures we had of this time were deleted. Some of them are stored in the CDs with the 2002 pictures, which means going through six CDs of pictures with names as DSCN000435 to find some that were made in 2001. (Did you expect there would be a list of events for the pictures or anything????)

Laptop: not going to be here for the next four weeks as my coworker is doing a course and isn't here. But I am going to get the latest model of that laptop for the same price!

Car: I sent the money for the Carisma. The Lancer didn't want to play very well on Saturday. Going to take it on a tour today so it won't get bored, then it'll hopefully bring me home Friday.

Social life: Tobias is annoyed at me not going out with him. I went with Alexandra (she's the French and Spanish translator for the school) to watch the Geisha movie on Saturday and then we sat up at her place until 4 or so and talked. It seems I can't stop myself from telling the rape story to all kinds of people.
Also, I am working on my cross-stitch picture a lot, which is not a social activity.
Alexandra knows Labyrinth. She therefore is the only German I know who knew of that movie without me telling them.

Health: having a bit of a cold and an annoying headache for days. And the blood pressure is not really on a good working level, but then it never is.

Weather: today mixture of snow and sun. Supposed to start snowing again tomorrow and rain Thursday and Friday. This is going to suck, car-wise.

Friday is my birthday.



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