I had a wonderful weekend down at [livejournal.com profile] wolflady26's.
On Saturday, she and I went shopping in Regensburg and she forced me to spend way too much money. (Sandra, I'm wearing the necklace with the pink stones right now and it's gorgeous)
We went to this beautiful town I had never heard of before which had a really nice castle ruin. And even though she had trouble walking because of an injured ankle, Sandra walked all the way up the tower and back down with us. (Maybe she thought if she let me walk up alone with her husband, one of us would come down the short way on the outside of the tower, not by the stairs... ;-D )
And they gave me a ton of CDs for my birthday, so as soon as I have my laptop I can watch Gilmore Girls and Ranma and then the next time I come down to visit and bring some CDs they'll copy some movies for me. Yay!

Also, they helped me broaden my horizon. They made me watch Army of Darkness which even a whimp like me could watch, even though I would probably not watch it again. And we watched several episodes of The 70s show and Corpse Bride, which was a really cool movie and made me curious about Nightmare before Christmas.
Sandra and I worked on our respective cross stitch projects and I managed to finish most of mine. Still got a bit to do, but the end is near.

And there is more: I read some more of the Sandman books while there and took a stack with me. Unfortunately, Sandra won't give me the last one until I've read the one she doesn't own, so I need to figure out where to get them from or I'll never figure out how the story ends. And then I am kind of worried to read volume 9 because maybe there will be a cliffhanger and then it might take ages until I finally find out how it ends. *sigh* Life is tough.

All in all, I had a great time. And we may be going on a long weekend trip to Venice at some point this spring, which would be marvellous.

At work today, I got stuck with the really boring stuff.
I had had some trouble chosing pictures for the year 2004 of the school history. There had been a huge event here, the 2nd European Infantry Seminar, and the only pictures I had easy access to were in a PowerPoint presentation. But the woman who does the layout said she could get them out and use them, not a problem. Well, of course it was a problem. So now I am sorting through 12 CDs of more or less unsorted pictures. (On each CD, they are sorted first by date and then by name of the photographer, for whatever reason. And several of them are either too dark or too light or completely black or not useable for some other reason - very annoying.)
I have found some of the ones I need, but still do have quite a way to go.
And to add to this, I had an email from my predecessor telling me which pictures to use for another article - without sending me the pictures. It turned out he had sent them to my boss, for whatever reason. And then I got a second email from him with some change he needs to be incorporated. Of course, the change is not in any year that is still being prepared for layout. It's in 1956. So then I get to talk to the layouter about what's feasible and then call my predecessor to figure out what to do, as the change he wanted is not doable in the way he wanted, it would screw up the layout for basically all 50 years.
Added to that is the fact that he happened to find some pictures he wanted to be included. In a spot where he's sure it won't affect the layout. No, of course not. How about we delete a few paragraphs in the way beginning and don't worry about that some pictures will not be on the same page as the related articles anymore.
The good thing about it is that it gives me something else than cataloguing to do in my extra hours, and I have used so much of those I need to blatanly work longer so that my boss will not get angry about me taking another long weekend on the 7th.

Mom needs me for taking care of the dog that weekend. She actually would have like me to be there both this coming Friday and the 7th, but I told her that for some reason, people happen to like to have me do the work they pay me for.
You would think we have a werewolf at home, not a friendly if a bit overactive puppy. It seems I am the only person on the planet who can take care of her when Mom's not home. And apparently, it is quite impossible for my Dad to stay home, so instead I have to take a day off from work, drive 360 kilometres after a full day of work on Thursday night and it might be I have to sleep on the couch in case the dog still needs to go out at night.
Don't get me wrong, I love the dog, but I do happen to have a life myself.

But there are good news, too. I have decided to become a better flist reader. Lately, there have been too many days when I just skimmed the pages and didn't bother to click on cuts, but that's over now - or so I hope. It might not leave me much time for commenting but at least I will know what's going on in you guys' lives.
So I know that there are new haircuts and new hair colors, new jobs and new friends and it seems many of you have a great time. Very good, continue!

Oh my, what an interesting entry. D2, welcome to my flist and I told you it wouldn't be much to read. Don't say I didn't warn you.


Jan. 29th, 2006 11:23 am
I skimmed the flist. If I didn't comment on an entry you think I should have commented on, nudge me.

Sorry about not being a very good reader at the moment, but it seems that right now I am always tired, no matte how much I sleep, and the more I sleep the more tired I'll be.

The staff sergeant allowed me to leave at noon on Thursday (captain is sick so couldn't say anything to that). I have the extra hours to use up for that, but it still is their decision to let me go or not, so that was cool.
Means I got home at a decent time and with not too many stupid gits on the road.

Friday Mom and I went to the funeral of our friend. It sucks that you see people only at funerals, really. I mean my godfather was there whom I last met at my confirmation, and that's what, ten years ago? And my godfather's father, the husband of the deceased friend, whom I ran into when I was shopping a few weeks back when he told me his wife was in a coma and they didn't know how things would go.
We used to live in the same house and I'd spend time at their place, and then when everybody moved out of that house, the contact totally broke off.
Life sucks.

And the service was in a effing cold church. And there was no coffin, just an urn, and personally I do not want to be burned because it sucks being carried out by a single funeral guy on something that looks a lot like a tea tray, and put into a hole in the ground that looks more like the start of an outhouse than a grave. It's just not what I want my relatives and friends to have as the last memory of me.

Saturday started with Mom and me driving to the dog training ground to the puppy play hour. Was okay, but again disgustingly cold.
After lunch, we two went to last minute choir rehersal at 3:30. Of course, the majority of the singers didn't show up until like four. Just great.
The concert started at 5, in yet another cold church. How I loove it that I know the songs better after two rehearsals than the other singers after ten at least. And how none of the so-called sopranos manages to sing a decent g.
After the concert we rushed home, changed into a few more layers of clothing and went back to the dog training ground. Set up everything for the nightly training. It's something they do every year on the last weekend of January. In the dark, dogs are very unsure and during the training, they are faced with - for them - weird things to see how they react, find out if they are aggressive or total whimnps (or both) or if they trust their owners enough to folow them to whatever scary thing there is.
So we started out with the dog being checked out like they are for shows and tests - measured, check teeth, that sort of thing. Then my Mom would hold the dog while the owner would hide behind a wall about twenty metres away, then call the dog. Some dogs apparently have much difficulties finding their owners if they don't see them. Then walk between two lines of candles. One dog blew out a candle, some were quite unsure about what this was. The go through a curtain we had put up, and towards a vacuum cleaner. That was really interesting. Most dogs were really afraid of the sound. Not so much of the "ghost" - a sheet in a tree, lit by a lamp. Then we had me - the drunk / disabled / generally weirdo. I was hiding in a bush with a weird, witchy hat and an umbrella, and would come out limping like Dracula'S servant. Then I would have to adapt to the reactions of the dog. If the dog was really scared, I'd walk normal, get rid of the umbrella (most dogs seem to be afraid of umbrellas), take of the hat, talk to them, call them and give them a treat.
After me, there was a tunnel, a wall to climb over for the older dogs and a plank to walk on for the puppies, then they had to get a toy out of a box of plastic bottles and the last was three different sorts of dog treats and the owner had to guess which one the dog would go to first.
Mom and I had planned that out since a week ago. Originally, another person was supposed to help, but she had told Mom on Tuesday she wouldn't be there, so we had to rearrange everything.

My job was it also to straighten things up after each dog, make sure the candles are still burning, switch on the vacuum cleaner again if necessary, that sort of thing.

Plus it's a lot of fun to be faces with fifteen different dogs from small mix to pure-breed Great Dane. Also, if I call a dog, talking in a soothing way, and the owner tells me he doesn't think she'll bite "once she finds out you're not wearing the training arm*" - that's really great. Also, if dogs are scared, they might attack even if they usually are the friendliest creatures on earth. So it's fun, yeah.

And it meant standing around in the cold from six until nine or so, then sit in an unheated office to figure out who has the best results. It also meant nothing to eat between lunch and nine.

When we came home, I was frozen. I took a boiling hot bath to just be able to feel my toes again.

Originally, my Mom had a meeting today, but she called in sick so at least today I can have some sort of weekend. Saturday in between everything, I had to do five loads of laundry to get my own and my brother's clothes washed and at least half-way dry - it sucks that so much can't go in the dryer, it doesn't really dry up on the attic in this sort of weather. It just freezes, it seems.

I am still totally tired. I had a strange dream that might be a fairy tale if I could just remember enough of it to write it down.
The door to my room doesn't close right. That sucks but I don't feel like asking my dad to do something about it because he anoys me just by existing, I couldn't stand communicating with him right now.

I'm done with 1994 in the school history thing. I'm getting there. I will get this done.

And here are some quizzes I got from ... people.

I am a red Slytherin )

* the training arm is like a sleeve thing made out of a mesh fabric. It's heavily padded and for those training disciplines that involve training the dog to attack an intrudor, the helper will wear it while walking up menacingly to the dog, hitting his equally padded leather pants with a whip. The dog then has to jump at him, bite into the arm and hold on even if the helper lifts him off the ground. Means that some dogs will jump and bite at everyone with a cast...
See picture here: a helper in full gear with arm over his left arm. Pictures of that sort of training in action here.



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