I have a laptop.

It's sleek and beautiful and has a giant screen and looks so much better than me which kind of sucks because who wants a computer that is more attractive than you yourself, but that's the way it is.

I adore it already and it isn't even ready yet because I am going to get all kinds of software for it hopefully tomorrow.

It's an Acer Aspire 3024WLMi.
German site that's a bit more detailed: here
I just wrote myself into the school history.
All my predecessors are in there, mentioned on the date when they started to work here or left, so I don't see why I can't do it. But it's weird.

My coworker who sells computers gave me three options. I have one I favor, but I'll just give you the details and see what you say. (Without prices because they're all within my range, and I don't think it makes sense to buy something cheap and realise half a year later it'd have been better to spend a bit more.)

Here goes:
three notebooks behind cut )
Oh my, I can't believe I typed this all up. Anyway. So that's the choice. I know there are a million notebooks out there, but if you know and work with somebody who sells the stuff it's kind of natural to ask them and then it's only fair to buy from them, too. Especially as this is a good way to get all kinds of software, and of course good service.

I watched "Anna and the King" yesterday. *sigh* I saw it in the movie theatre before, but isn't it just lovely? And it isn't a totally unrealistic romantic movie with everything falling into little Anna Leonowens' lap and a royal marriage in the end. The girl who was given to the king as a present by her parents did get killed when she ran away to her former lover. (who got killed as well, which is kinda sad for him as he was in a cloister and she had joined him dressed as a monk, so he apparently never knew who she was so it isn't as if he had any advantage out of it.) The king saves his face, despite his personal wishes.

It was interesting to see it again, and it made me think.
Back then, the Europeans were so sure about how their way of life is right and the only one.
And the foreign customs, especially polygamy, is bad and barbaric and whatnot.
But if you are king in a country where many children die, and where you always have to beware of people trying to kill you, well, having many children is a way to ensure your line will continue. And also, in Europe as well as elsewhere marriage has been considered a good way to strenghten alliances. And if your religion allows polygamy (it's the same with muslims, Muhammed had lots of wives for the same reason), people who want to get on your good side might just have an attractive daughter to marry off to you. And if you'd say no, that'd be breaking the alliance and probably gaining an enemy.
And also, if you come from a poor family and just happen to be very attractive, maybe becoming the king's 30th wife might not be the greatest fate on earth, but it provides food on a regular basis and a pretty nice place to sleep.
And if the king is a bastard, at least you don't have his full attention. And the responsibility of producing an heir is not all on your shoulders. That's an advantage the European princesses didn't have.
Also, to be considered god-like isn't all fun. If you're god-like, then you're personally responsible for any failing crop, bad weather or evil omens. And you can't make mistakes.

It's a pity some colonial empires didn't really try to work with the cultures they found. The British weren't bad, actually. Or at least not bad everywhere and all the time. If you're expanding by ways of trade, you usually get along much better if you can work with stable local governments, and as long as their ways allow what you need, there's no reason to make them change. As far as I can see, the Spanish were quite different. But then they were much more religiously motivated (or pretended to be), and didn't have the educate-to-a-modern-society-and-let-become-independed approach the British had in many colonies. (How they felt about coming to that aim is a different matter, but the British did start with the idea that their task is to make their colonies work as modern nations in their own right.)

Anyway. I'm hungry, need to go shopping.


Jan. 7th, 2006 02:56 pm
Folowing up a conversation I had with [livejournal.com profile] wolflady26, I snooped around the notebooks at the store today. (Went in to buy some cd cases)
And I noticed once more that I have no idea whatsoever about what I'd need.
But hey, know your limits and know whom to ask!
So here goes:
I'm thinking about buying a laptop/notebook. I would want to use it to watch movies on DVD, to play media files (Sandra, what was the format of the Ranma and Gilmore Girls episodes?), to write. It should have a decent Windows version that has the usual Windows games because I like to play Solitaire, Freecell and Spider Solitaire.
Maybe, as soon as I have my own place, I could use it to go online, but I am not sure about that yet as I still think a desktop computer would be better for that.

I don't mind it to look good, either.

So anybody can give me information on what I should look for and how much that would cost?

Oh, and as I had something in my last post about things just being WRONG: A VIVA vj announced Gigi D'Agostino's "La Passion". But even thought he got the article right, he pronounced "passion" like the English word. WTF???? Do you homework, dude! (My brother suggested VIVA finds their moderators under a rock somewhere.
MTV is a long way from Ray Cokes and similar geniuses, but they're not that far down yet. On German MTV, people like Markus Kavka still hold up a certain standard.

And I am a lemming. I went back and started tagging my entries. I think I wrote better posts with more interesting contents when I started back in June 2004.



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