I finally got around to upload things to FF.net. To the surprise of you all, my username is dreamlabyrinth. Who'd have guessed.
So here's the link. I posted the story I had in my journal and in [livejournal.com profile] labyrinth_, and one I wrote recently, the sequel to the first one. But haha, there's a hole in the story line between the two, gives me the chance to put more stories in between. If I get an inspiration... *gg*

I took my car to the garage for the inspection this morning. I just know it's gonna be f**king expensive. But it's the beginning of the month, and hopefully I won't have many expenses in August. Should work out somehow.
I've posted a fanfic story both in my journal and in the [livejournal.com profile] labyrinth_ community. And I got three positive comments so far. This is sooo cool. I'm wiggling around in my chair with the most stupid grin imaginable on my face, singing "people like my stoory, people like my stoory" all the time.
I have been writing stories for several years now, mostly fairytales, and Labyrinth fanfic. But I never dared to put them out in the open for others to read. For a long time, I thought I was the only person who does that. At least I didn't know anybody personally, even though I had the feeling somebody must be out there.
It were the Labyrinth fans I found on the web who showed me I'm not alone, and I'm not totally weird with my love for something that is generally considered a children's movie. Reading some stories I thought "Hey, mine are not bad, either." This short story I wrote in a very short time. I had an idea, and while writing, it kept developping. I was very happy with the result and posted it before I lost my enthusiasm again. Great to see that others share my feelings about the story. Thank you to [livejournal.com profile] chimchimery, [livejournal.com profile] irishtempest and [livejournal.com profile] rottenpunk.
So now I feel brave enough to register on Fanfiction.net and publish my story for even more people to see.
For the Labyrinthians or anybody else who might be interested, here's a piece that came to my mind this morning. I wrote it in about half an hour, so don't expect anythig too impressive. But I appreciate any comments and advice. (Even if it's about language, English still is a foreign language to me.)
It's a little "prequel" - very "pre", really...
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