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It's Sunday and I have time, yet I have read all exchange stories - including one from the last round that was still on my to-read list.
And now I still have time, but I don't want to go over to TPP and start (or rather, get back into) a longer story there, because from tomorrow on I will have very little time and will just barely manage to keep up with the exchange.

And I have ordered those Eloisa James books I was still missing, and I have finally caved in and ordered the Patricia Veryans I was still missing from the Jewelled Men series (and no, we're not talking about family jewels).
But neither will arrive before Tuesday, at the earliest. Which is good, given the exchange, but bad, given that I feel like reading something smoochy right now.

Oh well, Joachim Bauer and the mirror neurons will have to do, though there's very little that's smoochy in there.

Also, looking at my icon, I realise there hasn't been a threesome yet. But then again, we only just started, after all.

Aaand I realised I'm not sure I would recognize my own story when it's posted. I couldn't tell you without looking it up what I actually wrote. Denial?

Date: 2010-06-06 08:12 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] dreamy-dragon73.livejournal.com
The exchange is really fabulous so far. So many wonderful goodies!
~hopes for a few threesomes too~

Hm, maybe find something shorter on TPP?



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